Coaching can effect your physical, emotional and mental condition and create changes in many areas of your life. Coaching is not something you “take” instead of seeking professional help regarding trauma, mental illness or similar that requires therapy, counselling, psychology or psychiatry. If these needs are discovered during coaching you will be directed to health care.

All change is your own responsibility.

Prices and payment

Every coaching package is presented including VAT. At checkout you can see the total price including all fees, VAT, shipping and payment. Conditions of payment are presented during check out and depends on the method of payment you chose.

Rights of regret

You can return your purchase within 14 days. In your message to us you must present that you regret and want to retract your purchase. The 14 days starts from the day you make the first payment and there will be a deduction due to costs if the coaching package has started.

Cancelling a coaching package before agreed ending time

In order to cancel a package early and get a refund for remaining coaching sessions a doctor’s testimonial is required.

Privacy Policy

When purchasing from Mowhiti you are accepting the terms and conditions on this page. All that is mentioned during the coaching sessions are treated according to the Swedish Privacy Data Act. When ordering from us you will present your personal data. During registration and order you are approving to us storing and using your personal data in our operations in order to fullfil the agreement. According to the Privacy Data Act you have the right to see the information we registered about you. If the information is wrong, incomplete or irrelevant you can demand that it is corrected or deleted. Please contact us via e-mail if that is the case.

What is considered personal data?

Name, e-mail, address, phone number, your purchases and the automatically stored data from your visit at our website are considered personal data.


Your product is delivered digitally.

Obligation of repayment

If you used your rights of regret we will repay you as soon as possible or at the latest within 30 days from receiving the message.


All information on this website is protected with copyright. All copying or usage of images and text without written permission from mowhiti.com is prohibited according to law.

Images and product descriptions

Mowhiti.com can not guarantee that the images present the products’ exact appearance. There may be changes due to e.g. your screen and image resolution. All images should be considered illustrations. There may be eventual flaws in the descriptions of the products.

Force Majeure

Events such as war, catastrophe, governmental decisions, missing deliveries from subcontractors and similar situations that are without our control, will be considered force majeure. This means that we are liberated from fulfilling conventions.