Build your confidence and land in your own strength. Find clarity in your decisions, separate what others want from you and activate your truth. It’s time for you to run your life, time to get rid of limiting beliefs, norms and blockages and step into your maximal power.


Become the captain of your life. To live according to your truth you have to find your foundational stability and identify your needs. Unless we satisfy our basic needs and know ourselves from the inside we can’t aim for our visions and live the life we dream of. To be stable and maintain our foundation require focus our whole life through, but the more we get to know ourself the easier it becomes.

In this program you’ll get to know yourself from the bottom up, build the support and the safety you need to develop into the best version of you.

8 occasions
Price: 9700 SEK


Release what’s blocking you fast. It can be physical, psychological – whatever is stopping you.

Our unwanted conditions are created in our subconsciously learned beliefs, learned reasons to why we feel pain. Using open questions we will bring those beliefs up in the open, take them to a conscious level and create change by seeing their true form.

1 hour powerful session
Price: 1500 SEK/session

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