When you know what you want the result is always top. You know that you are doing a good job, you are appreciated and successful. On the surface, everything looks great. But on the inside you are unbalanced, you feel shaky and unsure of what you’re actually doing. Instead of pausing and listening to yourself you just push forward, there is a feeling of control in keeping the pace fast. But you’ve started questioning – will this last? Am I feeling good? What do I want? This is the program for you who often strives too hard, and who wants to learn to be stable and feel good without breaking. Who wants to keep achieving, but in your own way and for yourself, not for others.


Week 1

Practice going from brain to heart  to kickstart your inner stability
The first week we will analyse what you need to find your inner stability. You’ll get the first part of the workbook and instructions on how to work with the program. The workbook includes excercises that you can use to set up routines that works for you and to create relaxation.

Week 2

Embrace the new stability
Now it’s time to practice the routines you created last week. In part two of the workbook you will work with creativity and what leads to happiness for you. With a stable foundation you’ll get to a life with more energy and passion.

Week 3

Actions on how to continue
In the third part of the workbook we will connect how you can be creative, live by routines but still stay relaxed. You’ll get tools that will help you achieve without loosing balance, and to stay calm also when under high pressure

Week 4

Actions – be an achiever in stability and harmony
During the last week we will create your plan on how to be the achiever you are without loosing your stability on the way. We will go through insights and lessons and work on internalising them in order to maintain powerful balance in your life forward.


  • 10 personal meditations
  • 4 Coaching sessions
  • Continous support through e-mail

Workbook content:

  • Recommendations on books and movies
  • Introduction to basic psychology for your foundational needs
  • Exercises to create routines that work
  • Exercises to find your basic needs
  • Creativity practices for relaxation

Continously during these four weeks I will send you guided mediations approximately every third day. Between the sessions I will be available on e-mail for any questions or if you feel stuck.

Price: 7990 SEK

A payment plan can be arranged if needed.

“What’s best about being coached with LifeSpider System is to get the pieces together and understand why some pieces look the way they do. It is an aha-moment when you understand what makes you who you are today. How what happened on the way during your lifetime shapes your personality and your future. To connect how earlier events create who you are today. To be “spider-coached” is good in every way. It’s been so good and fun and I’ve always longed for our next session to learn more about myself. I became so aware and it’s been super fun. Jenny is amazing as a coach. She listens and puts words on feeling that I haven’t been able to do myself. Jenny is so good at really seeing me. I’m thinking differently now, and I’ve changed on the way. I’ve started to base my thinking on me! I’m aware of that I am, I don’t need to think about everyone else. It feels so good to start living according to what I feel and want.” – Ulrica Erlandsson

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What is a LifeSpider?

A Lifespider is the best inner compass you can get. The process to create your Lifespider will connect you to sides of yourself that will become your best friends and open your eyes to all possibilities.

A LifesSpider is built on 6 different legs. Every leg consists of a Driving Force, an Intention and a Life Project. The legs comes together in the Essence in the middle – the core or the soul of every individual.

The Essence is something that is only you. Something that you can always go back to and rest in, something that impregnates your whole life and your personality. It is you on the same way that you are made out of oxygen and water.

The Driving Forces is something our ego wants. It is the logical parts of your brain speaking. One example could be the driving force “to be in charge”. It’s something the brain wants because it feels good. The Driving Forces are often considered negative, but if they are used in the right way they will be like a battery full of energy for your brain. To use your ego creates energy. The Driving Force in itself is neutral, once you get to know it and feed it the right way it can be used to consciously create and make the difference you want – it will become your best friend.

The Intentions are our heart and soul. Often they are hard to describe because the soul wants to give so much, but this is where we put words on the difference we really want to create in the world. The soul is speaking when you feel angry over that someone is being unfairly treated.

In the outer ends of the LifeSpider are the Life Projects. They are concrete projects that are big enough to feel scary and almost impossible. Maybe so huge that you will only be able to start working on them during your lifetime. The projects are connected to the intentions. Often the Life Projects are divided into sub-projects to make them more doable.

This whole mindset creates a clear connection between what your heart and brain want, and creates clarity regarding what you should do in life. During the coaching process I will teach you how to live with your LifeSpider.

The LifeSpider is connected to support legs. They are our basal needs that we must have to be able to live in our spider. To feel our support legs and know that our basic needs are fulfilled is fundamental in order to strive towards visions and dreams.