Hi, I’m Jenny!

I used to be a “doer” who never gave myself recognition. I never let my knowledge or skills stand in the light, neither did I let my femininity take up any space. I was a searcher who felt like I didn’t fit in, I was always thinking that I went my own way and that all I needed to do was to keep it up and continue.

Ever since teenage years I’ve always put extremely high expectations on myself. I could get 100 {b257453330049f88efb19369c57698224f07e5b1cc0feefc3438bdcedd405201} on a test and still feel like I could have done better. My self esteem was at rock bottom, I was a slave under an eating disorder and I was in unhealthy relationships in which I let myself be treated as a door mat.

I was always good, liked and interpreted as happy. But on the inside the feeling that I didn’t fit in was growing while my self esteem was getting lower and lower. But I didn’t give up, and to make a long story short I got help and combined with discipline, humbleness and practice I was able to build self love and belonging. I reached harmony and balance. I found out how I could be in my full power without getting burnt out.

Now I want to help you find you personal power and be the best version of you. I am a certified Instant Transformation Practitioner and certified coach. My background is in leadership development, but I am now helping everyone who feels recognition when reading my story. Everyone who want to find balance and learn to enjoy life.

I help you find your power, your harmony and your souls true shape




Once I decided to start my own company the thinking begun. What is the name of the company going to be? I knew I wanted something connected to me, but I didn’t want to use my own name. One day I was searching on my surname on the Internet. I stumbled over the fact that Mowhiti means ring in Māori. Why did I chose Māori? Because it is a people I respect a lot. I love their connection to nature and I’ve always been drawn to New Zeeland. What about Ring? It’s the surname I had from birth. And life is a bit like a ring. There is no beginning and no end. Especially when talking about our own development. From the day we are born until the day we die we are developing. And it doesn’t stop, it continues our lives through. That’s also how I view coaching. We are always developing.